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Functional ankle bandage as an alternative to tape bandage. With an inelastic lateral rein.


  • Acute capsular ligament rupture
  • Arthrosis upper ankle / lower ankle
  • Chronic capsule ligament instability
  • Conservative / postoperative foot & ankle
  • Primary and secondary prophylaxis of a distorsion trauma, especially in sports
  • Stabilization of the lower ankle


  • Skin Comfort
  • Optimization of proprioception
  • Reduction of the risk of a supination trauma
  • Protective effect like a tape bandage
  • Stabilization of the Lig. Fibulo-talare anterius and of the Lig. Fibulo-calcaneare
  • 8-rein and 2 additional correction reins in the forefoot area for improved foot elevation and pronation position due to greater leverage
  • Inelastic lateral rein